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It helps people with difficulty to use the small buttons/icons on the Android mobile phones like people:


·         With special needs

·         With motor control problems (ALS, Spasticity, Brain damages, CP, Motor Neuron Disease, Spine Cord Injuries, people after stroke, etc)

·         With Alzheimer

·         With Parkinson

·         With Dementia

·         Senior citizens

·         Aged People

·         Low vision people

·         Young children and

·         Many more.


The above people need to have easier access to touch screen mobiles. The tiny icons make it difficult for them to succeed in calling or accepting a phone call.


The BigCall App facilitates their calling and is expected to COMPENSATE for their accessibility problem. It is also expected to contribute to their effort for everyday communication, through their mobile phones, and to satisfy their needs for more social interaction/integration.

Instructions for use

Has only three screens (Settings, Callout, Stopcall)

1.       Start the App from the icon on your mobile screen.

2.       You are taken to the Settings’ screen first. If you do not want to change settings you wait for a while and you are taken to the Callout screen. Use Edit Mode, from Settings Screen to change Settings. Default Settings are approved by 96% of the users so in reality most likely you do not need to do any settings’ changes.

3.       On Callout screen press the buttons with numbers to type the number you want to call. Numbers are scanned in three groups: Firt you will see the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) after a while the numbers (5,6, 7, 8) and after you will see the numbers (9, 0, 22, 99). This rotates continuously. From setting you can change numbers 22 and 99 and write your own prefered numbers.

4.       If you make a mistake, during typing the telephone number, you can use Delete to delete one number at a time. If you want to delete the whole number keep pressing continuously the Delete button (long press).

5.       By the time you press Call button your call begins and you are send to the Stopcall screen.

6.       At the same time the Speakers are set to on so that you hear the other speaker (Hands free mode).

7.       Press on the Stop button to stop the call and you will return to Callout screen

8.       If the other person hangs up you press the Stop button to return to Callout screen

9.       To Exit press Home button on your Mobile.


Soon we will provide another solution that is even more functional and even more user friendly. Wait for our 1TAP2CALL Android App.


More information from our website: or send us an email:

Minimum System Requirements

·    Android 4.1


·    Download for free from Google Play



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