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 My first skills (Basic skills)



Basic Skills is a simple and easy to learn and use software for developing children’s cognitive skills. It offers more than 5000 activities suitable for young learners and its purpose is to help children develop basic pre-school skills in mathematics and language through fun and games. The activities are divided in two categories.

Activities in Category 1 include:

1.       Dividing objects into categories (animals, fruits, vegetables, clothes, etc.)

2.       Matching the body with the head (animals & people)

3.       Matching related objects

4.       Placing objects according to the instructions (on, under, left, right, etc.)

5.       Choosing the correct picture according to the instructions

6.       Matching animals with their sounds (recognition & memory skills)

7.       Recognizing sounds (animals, objects, etc.)

8.       Addition (number 1-5)

9.       Placing same objects by size

10.   Placing different objects by size

11.   Placing objects in a specific order

Activities in Category 2 include:

1.       Matching same objects with different views

2.       Listening to the names of different objects and choosing the corresponding picture

3.       Listening to the names of different objects

4.       Matching objects with their shadows

5.       Matching the two halves of one object

6.       Selecting among different objects, the one in the picture

7.       Categorizing shapes

8.       Categorizing colours

9.       Selecting the biggest/smallest between the same objects

10.   Recognising if a group consists of the same or different objects


·    Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 /10

·    Skills: listening comprehension, categorizing skills, completing the missing part of an image, matching, sound recognition, auditory memory, sequencing and arranging, visual perception, visual memory, language, vocabulary, prepositions, colours and shapes, quantities (size, length, volume)

·    Ages: 3-8

·    Language: Arabic

·    Requires cd to operate: YES


·    Not available



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