Talking motion sensor (10″)


Talking motion sensor (10″)

Talking motion sensor



The Talking motion sensor is a single message recording device which can store 1 message of 10 seconds.  The device playbacks the message automatically each time it senses movement in 2 meters distance. It also has a playback button to manually listen to the recorded message.

You can record your own voice or connect it to another audio device such as a radio or a computer to record sound from there.

Instructions for use

To record a message

1.       Set the REC/ PLAY switch to REC.

2.       Set the volume switch to maximum.

3.       If you are recording something from an external audio device, connect it first with the Talking Tile using a Phone Lead cable (not included).

4.       Hold down the record/playback button. The LED light will switch on.

5.       Speak clearly into the device’s microphone or press the PLAY button in the connected external device.

6.       Release the record/playback button when you finish your recording. The LED light will switch off and you’ll hear a beep sound.


* To record sound from an external device, connect the microphone jack of the device with the Audio In jack of the Talking Motion Sensor using a Phono Lead cable (not included).

To playback a message

1.       Set the REC/PLAY switch to PLAY.

2.       Press the record/playback button (manual playback) or make any movement in front of the device (automatic playback).

What’s included

·    integrated speaker & microphone

·    motion detector

·    record/playback button

·    REC/PLAY switch

·    battery hatch

·    LED light

·    ON/OFF/volume switch

·    3.5 mm Audio In

Technical specifications

·    Size: 9.25 x 6 x 5.45 cm

·    Weight: 150 g

·    Messages: 1

·    Message levels: 1

·    Recording time: 10 seconds

·    Operation: 2 x AA batteries



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