Talking Briefcase Communication Device


Talking Briefcase Communication Device

Talking Briefcase communication device



Talking Briefcase is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication device, which speaks on behalf of people with nonverbal communication. It can store 6 voice messages, one in each button, of 60 seconds each. It operates with rechargeable batteries (included).

Each message button has a clear plastic cover, where the user can insert a label with images/text/symbols related to the button’s recording.

Instructions for use

To record a message

1.       Set the ON/OFF switch to ON.

2.       Press the REC button once. The LED light will turn red.

3.       Press one of the record/playback buttons. The LED light below it will turn red and you’ll hear a beep sound.

4.       Speak clearly into the device’s microphone.

5.       Press the record/playback button again to stop the recording. The LED light will switch off and you’ll hear the beeping sound twice.

6.       Repeat steps 2-5 to record more messages.

7.       When you finish recording messages, you can switch the ON/LOCK switches located on the back of the device to LOCK, to avoid accidentally deleting your recordings.

To playback a message

1.       Press any record/playback button to listen to its message.

2.       Press the button again to stop the playback.

What’s included

·    6 record/playback buttons

·    6 ON/LOCK switches

·    integrated speaker & microphone

·    recording button (REC)

·    ON/OFF and volume control switch

·    LED light

·    AC adaptor port

·    AC charging adaptor

·    carrying handle

Technical specifications

·    Size: 32 Χ 27 Χ 4 cm

·    Message label size: 7 Χ 7 cm

·    Weight: 750 g

·    Messages: 6

·    Message levels: 1

·    Recording time: 60 seconds per message (360 seconds total recording time)

·    Operation: rechargeable battery



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