Greek Syllables 1 mat


Greek Syllables 1 (robot mat)



This is a special mat, for the robots Bee-bot, Constructa-bot and Blue-bot to move on. Students can program their robot according to the teacher’s instructions, to follow specific routes on the mats.

For example, the teacher could ask the students to plan a simple program for the robot (ex. make your robot go from A to E) or more difficult ones by using restrictions (ex. make your robot go from A to E but don’t use the FORWARD button, or by passing by C, or using only 3 commands etc.).

The Greek Syllables 1 mat can be used to teach young learners to combine syllables in order to create words. Students first try to find two-syllable words in the mat and then they have to program the robot to pass by the syllables to create the words in order to gain points.

Technical specifications

·    Size: 60 Χ 60 cm

·    Cell Layout: 4 Χ 4

·    Number of cells: 16



English Greek Arabic
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