MegaMix is a collection of eight fun and educational games designed for children aged three and over.

·         Maze: Eleven mazes to discover and explore. There are three difficulty levels to choose from.

·         Scratching: Use the mouse or keyboard to uncover pictures. There are twelve different pictures in this activity. Choose between three different sizes of eraser and also how much you have to erase until the picture animates.

·         Complete the Picture: Complete a picture using the mouse or keyboard. There are 13 pictures to complete.

·         Dot to Dot: Use the mouse or keyboard to "draw" the lines between numbered dots forming the outline of a shape. You can choose between 15 different pictures as well as how precisely the lines between the dots must be drawn.

·         Paintbook: Make drawings with 8 common colours. If you want more colours you can choose from the palette in Windows. Sizes of brush, fillings, eraser and a couple of paint effects are also available. There are 15 different backgrounds and 100 different stamps. Complete freedom to be creative. (Not switch accessible).

·         Domino: Use the mouse or keyboard to match two wagons carrying the same symbols. There are 90 different symbols to match. Three levels of difficulty.

·         Music Games: Use the mouse or keyboard to place rock musicians on stage. When a musician is placed on stage he will play a short solo. When all the musicians are on stage the band will play together.

·         Fruit picking: Move the fruit picker left and right to catch falling fruit in a basket. You must catch the right kind of fruit falling from the trees, matching those shown at the top of the screen. You can set the speed in this game.


·    Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10

·    Skills: observation, movement control, drawing, logical thinking, numbering

·    Ages: 3+

·    Language: All

·    Requires cd to operate: No


·    Not available



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