Kensington ergonomic mouse


Kensington ergonomic mouse

Kensington ergonomic mouse



Control your cursor with a simple touch of the finger! The highly accurate Kensington ergonomic mouse is as easy to use as a regular mouse, but it stays in one place saving you valuable desk space. The precise optical tracking mechanism is also resistant to dust, reducing the need for regular trackball cleaning.

Instructions for use

To install the device

1.       Connect the device to your computer through a USB port.

2.       Wait for the device’s drivers to automatically install. You’ll get a message that your device is ready to use.

To operate the device

1.       Use it like a regular mouse, but instead of moving it around to move the cursor, move your finger on the trackball.

2.       For right click press the right button.

3.       For left click press the left button.

4.       For dragging hold the left click and move your finger on the trackball.

What’s included

·    1 ball

·    2 buttons

Technical specifications

·    Device size: 15 Χ 12 cm

·    Ball diameter: 4 cm

·    Number of buttons: 2

·    Weight: 100 g

·    Functions: right click, left click, drag and drop

·    Connectivity: USB or PS2 (Windows, Mac)



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