Talking label (20″)


Talking label (20″)

Talking Label



Talking Label is a small recording device. It can store a single message of 20 seconds maximum duration.

It has a metal clip at the back, which allows it to be attached on thin surfaces such as paper boxes or paper. It is very useful for recording medication instructions and attach it on the package.

Instructions for use

To record a message

1.       Using the tip of a pen hold down the recording button. The LED light will switch on.

2.       Speak clearly into the device’s microphone.

3.       Release the recording button when you finish recording. The LED light will switch off.

To playback a message

1.       Press the green button (playback button).

What’s included

·    integrated speaker & microphone

·    playback button (green)

·    record button

·    LED light

·    battery hatch

·    metal clip for attaching the device on thin surfaces

Technical specifications

·    Size: 8 Χ 5.7 Χ 0.9 cm

·    Weight: 5 g

·    Messages: 1

·    Message levels: 1

·    Recording time: 20 seconds

·    Operation: 4 x AG10 batteries



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