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Trugs at school - card game



Trugs includes 3 card games which help children in spelling, reading and sentence construction. It includes 3 boxes. Each one is sold separately and includes 504 cards divided in 5 stages of difficulty (15 stages in total).

Each card includes one word according to the card’s stage and each stage includes cards in three different colors, one for each game, Match it, Get it, Take it.

How to play the trug

Get it (2 players)

1.       Each player (helper, student) gets one Master Card.

2.       Shuffle the rest of the pack and place it between the players facing down.

3.       We look at the colored shape shown on the front card.

4.       The student looks at his Master Card for words of the same color and reads them aloud.

5.       Both players guess which of those words might be in the front of the card in the center (they can’t say the same word).

6.       The student turns the card and reads it aloud. If someone guessed correctly he takes the card and place it in front of him. If none of the players guessed correctly place the card at the back of the pack.

7.       Repeat steps 3-6 until there are no more cards in the middle.

8.       Winner is the player who has the most cards.

Match it (2-4 players)

1.       Shuffle the cards and deal 5 to each player.

2.       Place the rest of the deck in the middle facing down. Turn the top card and place it next to the rest.

3.       The first player must take one of his cards with the same color or number as the one in the middle, place it on top it and then read it aloud. If he doesn’t have such card he takes one from the deck and the next player does the same.

4.       Winner is the player who gets rid of all of his cards first.

Take it (2-4 players)

1.       Shuffle the cards and place them in the middle of the players facing down.

2.       The first player takes the first card and reads it aloud and then place it in front of him.

3.       The second player does the same.

4.       Each player must place the cards he takes in front of him in rows according to their color. If a player takes a red card and another player already has a red cards raw, then the first player takes all his cards, places them in front of him and reads them.

5.       Winner is the player who will have the most card rows.  

Contents per box

Box 1: (ages 6-7½)

·   Stage 1 cvc

·   Stage 2 ccvc

·   Stage 3 cvcc and ccvcc

·   Stage 4 two syllable words

·   Stage 5 ‘ar’ - ‘or’ - ‘er’

Box 2 (ages 7½-9)

·   Stage 6 split digraph

·   Stage 7 vowel digraphs and trigraphs

·   Stage 8 alternative vowel digraphs

·   Stage 9 two syllable words

·   Stage 10 three syllable words

Box 3 (ages 9-15)

·   Stage 11 ‘c’ as in /s/

·   Stage 12 ‘g’ as in /j/

·   Stage 13 consonant-le

·   Stage 14 four syllable words

·   Stage 15 suffixes with ‘ti’ ‘ci’ ‘si’

What’s included

·    504 cards divided in three games

·    game instructions

Technical specifications

·    Box size: 26 X 16.5 Χ 6 cm

·    Card size: 5.5 Χ 8.5 cm




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