Talking Tile (80″)


Talking tile



Talking Tile is a single message recording device, which can store one voice message of 80 seconds maximum duration. It is available in six different colors (blue, yellow, green, red, white and black). You can record your own voice or connect it to another audio device such as a radio or a computer to record sound from there.

Talking Tile is a plastic hexagonal device with a removable clear cover that allows you to add your own labels with pictures, symbols or words to match your recordings.

Instructions for use

To record a message

1.       Set the ON/OFF switch to ON.

2.       Set the REC/PLAY Switch to REC.

3.       If you are recording something from an external audio device, connect it first with the Talking Tile using a Phone Lead cable (not included).

4.       Hold down the record/playback button (device’s top). The LED light will switch on and you’ll hear a beep sound.

5.       Speak clearly into the device’s microphone or press the PLAY button in the connected external device.

6.       Release the record/playback button when you finish your recording. The LED light will switch off and you’ll hear a beep sound.

To playback a message

1.       Set the REC/PLAY switch to PLAY.

2.       Press the record/playback button (device’s top) once.

What’s included

·    integrated speaker & microphone

·    LED light

·    REC/ PLAY switch

·    ON/OFF switch

·    3.55 mm Phono lead jack

·    battery hatch

·    wall mounting

·    removable clear cover

·    record/playback button (device’s top surface)

Technical specifications

·    Size: 8.5 Χ 9.5 Χ 2.5 cm

·    Message label size: 4 cm per side (hexagonal)

·    Weight: 90 g

·    Messages: 1

·    Message levels: 1

·    Recording time: 80 seconds

·    Operation: 3 x AAA batteries

·    Colors: blue, yellow, red, green, white, black



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