Talking Tin: Elastic Strap


Elastic strap for Talking Tin



Elastic strap which is attached to the back side of the Talking Tin and it allows it to be placed on bottles, cans and other small objects. 

Talking Tin is a single message recording device. It can store a single message of 20 seconds (yellow talking tin) or 40 seconds (red talking tin).

Instructions for use

1.       Pass the elastic strap through the hole in the back of the Talking Tin.

2.       Attach the strap around the object you want to place the Talking Tin on and secure with its Velcro tape.

What’s included

·    elastic strap

·    (Talking Tin is not included)

Technical specifications

·    Size: 20 Χ 2.5 cm (it can be expanded up to 29 cm)

·    Colors: black



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